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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Mother

My mother is beautiful,
She's so kind and helpful,
Sometime she scoles me,
I coudn't hide my glee,
My mother makes me laugh coz' she's funny,
When I play with her, I play hop like a bunny,
I'm grateful to have a mother like her,
When I talk to her, sometimes my voice is like a cat "purr",
Alhamdulillah, I'll pray that she will be in Jannah-tul-Firdaus when she return to Allah,

My Examination at School

When I did my exam the first time, I was really scared becauase I thought will make my parents sad that I cannot get 1oo% or 90% above. I have to do the best for my parents, so they are happy. I cannot forget about my Lord Allah. He is the All Knowing and the All Seeing. I will pray to Allah so He will make me the number 1 in my class. AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIN. Insyaalah.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Best Friends

My beloved best friends are Huda Jannah, Nurein, Anis, Alya, Eeman, Adilah and Aida B. I chose them to be my best friends because I always pray with them, eat with them, play with them and talk with them. We sometimes we don't be friends and then we stick together back. I don't want them to move... But Adilah Izzati had moved last year ( 2009 ).

Teacher's Day

I can't wait for teacher's day soon on 21st May Friday. I think I want to give a nice and beautiful present for my beloved teachers. Teachers you teach me every thing about Islam. Please don't move to another school.... I want the teachers to be happy here in school but I will try my best... I love the teachers so much...

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